Kick Your Rear Into Gear

You want a hot body? You better work, bitch!

While we all thank Britney for providing us with our workout motivation, you might be wondering where, exactly, you can get that hot body. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in Midtown alone for getting in those workouts. Here are some of the hottest spots in our community.

Gravity Fitness

2201 Faulkner Rd • 404-486-0506 •

If your goal is to get your body in shape to look good dancing shirtless at Jungle, you may want to check out the gym in the same complex. Gravity Fitness, which was upgraded throughout 2013 by new owners Michael Yadich and Michael Wido, goes all-out to make you look good. Aside from the workout equipment and personal trainers, Gravity also offers massage therapy, tanning, a smoothie bar and an in-house hair salon. And if you want to give Gravity a try or two before joining, call or visit to find out about their free trial passes.

Fitness 1440 Atlanta

1197 Peachtree St, Suite 513 • 404.745.9309 •

The name may not ring a bell, but the location is one of gay Atlanta’s most well-known gyms. Fitness 1440 is the new name of Colony Square Athletic Club. If you’re looking to kick-start getting in shape, and a little healthy competition sounds good to you, you may want to try their upcoming 60-day Fitness Challenge. Registration runs Jan. 11–17, and participants can participate solo or in teams.

Orangetheory Fitness

Howell Mill: 857 Collier Rd, Suite 15 • 404-455-0402 • Midtown: 933 Peachtree St NE, Suite 939 • 404-747-7107 •

Residents who live near Howell Mill have seen the signs already for Orangetheory Fitness. Over the next few months, more locations will open across the Atlanta area, including in Midtown in the Metropolis building on Peachtree. So what is Orangetheory, exactly? It’s a concept that breaks down workouts into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Workouts are designed in what’s dubbed “Orange 60,” which last for an hour.

Urban Body Fitness

500 Amsterdam Ave • 404-885-1499 •

As one part of Urban Body, which also includes Urban Body Studios and Urban Body Spa & Salon, Urban Body Fitness is a popular place to workout for gay and straight customers alike. With a variety of workout classes, personal trainers and strength & cardio equipment, Urban Body’s clientele has access to a wide range of options to better their bodies. Starting Jan. 8, Urban Body Fitness is holding a 24 Day Body Fat Challenge, which ends on Jan. 31. The challenge, which costs $90, includes two body fat tests at the beginning and end of the challenge, with categories for those competing with and without trainers. Winners will be based on the biggest overall change in combined percentage of body fat, weight loss and muscle mass. Prizes include various memberships to Urban Body.

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