Local Gift Guide 2012


It’s the craziest time of the year – with the holidays approaching, chances are you have quite a bit of shopping left to do. Well, look no further than some of Atlanta’s own LGBT-owned and friendly businesses to help cut down on your purchase list. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or something naughty for someone nice, these local businesses will have something perfect for your gift-giving needs this year.

RedNek Glassware
Looking for the perfect gift for your Honey Boo Boo-lovin’ kinfolk? Look no further than the RedNek line of glassware. Inspired by Ball Mason jars and their common usage as drinking glasses, this line from Carson Home Accents includes everything from traditional-looking “Guzzlers” and “Sippers” to Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes. ($9-$24; Brushstrokes)

Potato Heads
These aren’t your old-school Mr. Potato Head toys. With a selection spanning from comic book characters like Batman and The Joker to a slew of The Wizard of Oz characters, these Mr. Potato Head toys are perfect for the young and the young-at-heart. ($20-$60; Brushstrokes)

Greeting Cards
Sure, you could stick with Hallmark cards this holiday season. Where’s the fun in that, though? Brushstrokes has a wide variety of holiday cards from Physique Publishing, Anne Taintor, Rockshots, and more. (Assorted; Brushstrokes)

Venta Cardigan
Boy Next Door is the shopping destination for men’s fashion in Atlanta, with a number of fashion-forward winter items in stock. One piece worth highlighting is the Venta Cardigan from 7 Diamonds. This take on the traditional winter wear is created from a wool blend, with multi-textured knits shaping the cardigan. ($138; Boy Next Door)

Douglas Oxfords
If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, we suggest going with the Douglas Oxfords from Ben Sherman. They have the classic Oxford look with a modern kick. ($140; Boy Next Door)

Andrew Christian Underwear
Forget naughty and nice – with Andrew Christian underwear, the distinctions are constantly blurred. Find the perfect stocking stuffer from the wide selection available at Boy Next Door. ($18-$30; Boy Next Door)

Holiday Treats
The guys over at Bear Maker Bakery have outdone themselves with their holiday selection this year. They’re offering a variety of cakes, including Vanilla Bean Poundcake with Eggnog Glaze. If you’re looking to get into multiple types of spirits, try their Bourbon Balls, one of a variety of Holiday Balls flavors Bear Maker Bakery is creating this season. Finally, Bear Maker’s infamous Hog Nut Crunch – that’s brittle made with black pepper, bacon and nuts – is being sold by the jarful this holiday season. (Cakes: packages from $24.95-$64.95; Balls: $12.99; Hog Nut Crunch: $12.99; bearmakerbakery.com)

Puppy Presents
Not sure what to get your favorite four-legged friend? Go with a gift basket from Puppy Presents. Each basket includes two plush squeaky toys, Taj Mahound cookies, a rawhide bone, and a bandana. Baskets are available in both Christmas and Hanukkah variations. ($25; puppypresents.com)

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