‘Homecoming’ anything but welcome

Over the last decade or so, it sometimes feels like a period of a month or so can’t go by without some laughably horrible piece of trash passing itself off as a horror film finds itself unleashed into the masses. Occasionally, the films manage to do decently well, and when coupled with their low budgets, perpetuate more of these blights of cinema on the collective consciousness.

It’s a relief, then, when the producers of such films realize how little potential these films have, and choose to release them straight to DVD or cable.

Homecoming firmly belongs in this category. The film, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (whose credits don’t come anywhere close to those of the other Morgan Freeman in Hollywood), focuses on a young woman, Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup), who goes with her boyfriend Mike (Matt Long) to his hometown one weekend. While there, she encounters Mike’s ex-girlfriend, the obsessive Shelby (Mischa Barton). Elizabeth eventually finds herself locked in the home of the crazed Shelby, and must try to escape from the house.

Basically, this is a story told hundreds of times. The film’s promotional items claim that the movie is “a mix of Fatal Attraction and Misery for the Gossip Girl generation.” This quote manages to not only sully the names of two of the best films of the obsessive/demented female subgenre of horror, but it also actually manages to bring down Gossip Girl. The only way this film is remotely watchable is as an unintentional comedy. Even then, though, there are better options than this tripe.

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