‘Looper’ Knocks Audiences for a Loop

In the future, time travel will be invented, and almost immediately outlawed, leaving the technology to mobsters who use it to dispose of enemies by sending them back in time 30 years, where they are almost instantly killed by hired guns called loopers. Loopers receive their name from the way their contracts end: at some… Read More ‘Looper’ Knocks Audiences for a Loop

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Provides a ‘Premium Rush’

There’s a common understanding when it comes to films from major studios: if a film is scheduled for January, it’s either Oscar bait or complete trash. Premium Rush doesn’t exactly appear to be Oscar bait, so when it was moved from January 2012, it was a promising sign…until it landed in August, the second worst… Read More Joseph Gordon-Levitt Provides a ‘Premium Rush’