Saxby’s needs to clean up

At press time, Atlanta restaurant and retail blog What Now Atlanta is reporting on a number of Atlanta-area restaurants that are failing Fulton County’s health inspections. While a number of restaurants frequented by students make the list, one stands out: Saxby’s in Library North. That’s right, the go-to coffee stop for those times when you’re… Read More Saxby’s needs to clean up

Reform, action needed for Georgia schools

With the recent news that Atlanta Public Schools is now on probation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the school district joins Clayton County Public Schools in drawing negative national attention to regards to education in recent years. Clearly, a problem exists in Georgia’s schools. It’s not a problem that solely exists within… Read More Reform, action needed for Georgia schools

University needs to reevaluate free speech zones

In an editorial piece I wrote recently, I suggested that Georgia State should reevaluate the placement of its free speech zones on campus, namely calling for the elimination of the Library Plaza and Unity Plaza areas. Since then, we’ve received a significant amount of responses both praising and condemning the idea.  It is certainly a… Read More University needs to reevaluate free speech zones