Catching Up With Dragnique Runner-Up Evah Destruction

With the recent conclusion of Dragnique’s third season, winner Edie Cheezburger is certainly garnering a lot of attention, and deservedly so. Equally deserving of attention, though, is this season’s runner-up, Evah Destruction. Evah’s growth as a contestant throughout the season was remarkable, growing from above-average performances in the early weeks to flat-out, show-stopping numbers in… Read More Catching Up With Dragnique Runner-Up Evah Destruction

Dragnique: Week 4 Recap (Celebrity Impersonations)

Another week of Dragnique has come and gone, and with it another contestant in this year’s competition. Next week marks the season finale of Dragnique. But let’s not dwell on that…not yet. For now, you get another one of my patented bitchy recaps of this fabulous drag competition. This week, the five remaining contestants performed… Read More Dragnique: Week 4 Recap (Celebrity Impersonations)

Dragnique: Week 2 Recap (Past & Present)

Good morning, David readers! I’m here for another week’s recap of Dragnique: Season 3, for those of you who missed Wednesday night’s shenanigans. And goodness, there were some shenanigans last night. Before we get into the competition, though, let’s talk briefly about last night’s judges. Joining head judge/co-emcee Phoenix on the panel this week were special guests… Read More Dragnique: Week 2 Recap (Past & Present)