Furball returns to Heretic for more furry fun

Looking for some furry fun this weekend? Look no further than Furball, which returns to the Heretic this Friday after a packed Atlanta debut last year.

Joe Fiore’s Furball, which has spread from its origins in New York City to events held in Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Provincetown, Fire Island and Washington, D.C., comes back to Atlanta after a successful first time in February 2016. With plenty of go-go bears and cubs, cheap drinks, and great music from DJs Ben Baker and Sean Mac, the evening promises to provide be hairy, sexy fun.

We talked with Fiore about the origins of Furball, what to expect from the event on Friday and more.

How did Furball get its start?

Furball started 13 years ago at the NYC LGBT Community Center as part of a series called Dance: 208. Furball started as a first class party for bears who were not treated as first class at the time. People thought, “Bears don’t dance.” But 500 people showed up at the first event, and then the next party was over a thousand. Furball quickly got nicknamed the “Bear Prom,” as the NYC LGBT Center was an old high school. It started as a NYC community dance and has grown into a major national furry dance event.

What makes this particular event unique?

Good music has always been a priority for Furball with top DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Hifi Sean, Eddie Martinez and Jack Chang. One of my favorite early memories was having Frankie Knuckles, who spun three times for Furball.

Though based in fur, Furball is a great party for everyone. Furball philosophy is that everyone can be sexy and have fun. This is what makes Furball a great night out of fun and dancing. Plus, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What kind of crowd does Furball usually attract?

As my ad states, “All hot Daddies, Cubs, Pups and Sexy Bears will be there.” Leather and fetish wear is encouraged, though not necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Furball was first held here in Atlanta in February 2016 (second photo). How did that event go?

It was a smash – one of the busiest Friday nights at the Heretic that year. Barry Harris of Thunderpuss spun, and the energy was high!

What led you to holding the event at the Heretic?

The Heretic is a first-class club in a great location. The staff and management are awesome. Also, the Heretic is know for hosting major DJs and bear-friendly events – both of which are important to me.

What can the crowd expect from DJ Ben Baker?

Ben is no stranger to Atlanta, having lived there and played last summer at Ready4Hope! As his website states, he dishes out a “fresh take on house music.” Expect vocal house beats that get darker and sexier as the night goes on.

Is there anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Come out this Friday and check out the cheap booze, hot guys, go-gos and fun.

Furball returns to Heretic on Friday, Feb. 10. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $7 before 10 p.m. and $10 afterwards.


Originally published at Project Q Atlanta.

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