International Appeal: DJ Gordon John Makes His Atlanta Debut

The beat won’t be the only thing dropping at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday, May 31 – not with the absolutely gorgeous DJ Gordon John making his Atlanta debut at the bar that night. The Irish-born London resident has built up a solid list of credentials around the world over the last year and a half, including work with social app Recon.

We caught up with this stud of a DJ prior to his Atlanta debut to discuss how he got his start, what he’s planning on doing while he visits Atlanta, and the very specific type of man he’s looking for.

David Atlanta: How did you get your start as a DJ?

Gordon John: I first started in two bars in SoHo, Comptons & 79CXR, trained up by a good friend of mine who showed me the ropes. I met him one night and talked about how I wanted to be a DJ since I was 15, and next thing I knew he was teaching me.

DA: How long have you been a DJ?

GJ: My first time was eight years ago, then took a break for five years. Then 18 months ago, I realized it was my passion, my life, and I missed it so much, so I got back into it. So altogether, almost 10 years.

DA: You’ve performed in cities all over the world. What cities are your favorite places to visit?

GJ: Anywhere in the States – New York City, San Francisco, Seattle. And of course, Atlanta soon. I’m hoping to add Los Angeles and San Diego to that list. I’m also DJing in Toronto in June for the first time, although I’ve visited there before. It’s an amazing city.

DA: This is your first time in Atlanta, right?

GJ: Yes. I’m so excited; I cannot wait. I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m hoping this will be the start of many visits. Especially if a good man caught my eye. And obviously, if Robby [Kelley, Eagle co-owner] wants me to come again.

DA: Besides spinning at the Atlanta Eagle, what do you plan on doing while you’re in town?

GJ: See my friends Glynn, Alejandro, Brandon and Zachary, who live there, and go check out the city on Sunday. Probably eat a lot, and also go shopping and maybe get tipsy on Sunday night, American style.

DA: You’ve performed at a lot of gay bars and gay events. What makes performing for gay men unique?

GJ: At places like the Eagle, you can play music that is dirty and tech-y, and they love it. You don’t have to rely on a Rihanna or Britney remix to get a floor moving. There can be such a charged intense energy that you feed off of, like at Extra Dirty in Sydney.

DA: What do you find sexy in a man?

GJ: A 6’2”, intelligent, sweet, honest, old-fashioned, fun, hairy, American 36-45 muscle bear with ink and short hair and a huge appetite for life is my ideal husband. Let me know if you are out there.


DJ Gordon John plays at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday, May 31. The evening’s attire theme at the bar is sports gear. To hear some of John’s music, click here.

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