Simply Sun: Providing More Than Tans for the Community

With springtime in full force and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to go outside and enjoy nature. After months of staying covered up or indoors, though, it’s good to think about your skin before you risk overexposure. That’s where Simply Sun Tanning can help.

Since opening its doors in 1996, Simply Sun has become a popular destination for tanners looking for a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and stellar customer service. That commitment to service has led to some recent changes for Simply Sun, including a shift to a new suite at Amsterdam Walk and adding new, cutting edge tanning beds.

According to owner Troy Koch, the new space has allowed them to create a more hospitable environment for customers. “With the new space, we went from four walls and an empty space to adding retaining walls, all-new AC, all-new electricity,” says Koch. “We added the features that people want, like air conditioning to keep people cool while they’re tanning.” The retaining walls in the new space include open space between the tops of the walls and the drop ceiling above, allowing for air conditioning to circulate air into all of the rooms.”

Simply Sun has also added in three new beds, including that Simply Sun refers to as their Platinum bed. “We added a KBL Tanning Bed, our Platinum bed. [Sessions last for] ten minutes, and it provides facials,” says Koch. “The damaging rays, which people tell you to stay out of the tanning beds – these types of beds filter out the damaging rays, and let you give you all UV-A rays, which are the good rays, and filter out the UV-B rays, which are the damaging rays.”

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of Koch’s ownership of Simply Sun, though he’s been involved with the store since its opening years earlier.

“Simply Sun opened in 1996, and the owner, Bill, was running it at that time. I worked part-time, just 10 hours a week. As time went on, he sold it to another owner. He didn’t keep it for very long, so it went back to [Bill], and a few years later, he sold it to Andy Jones,” Koch says. “I worked under Andy Jones while I was still in school, working my 10 hours a week. I went through school, worked as a front desk person, and after I graduated from college at Georgia State, there was a manager’s position open, and Andy Jones offered it to me. About two and a half years later, in 2004, he approached me in February or March and offered the place to me. So I gathered some money, and purchased it from him in July 2004. I’ve been running it successfully ever since.”

Over the course of that decade, Koch has survived highs and lows, including a rough patch in 2007 and 2008 as a byproduct of the global recession.

“Tanning is a luxury item,” Koch acknowledges. “Luckily, I planned ahead for that rainy day, and had money set aside to keep it going. I came out of it in 2010, sales went back up as people started working, and we’ve been successful ever since.”

Not only is Simply Sun back to being financially successful; it’s also able to actively help various nonprofits throughout the city. From major beneficiaries like Joining Hearts to smaller groups like Georgia Tech’s Pride Alliance, Koch and Simply Sun do their part to help these organizations raise money for their causes.

It’s going above and beyond for Simply Sun’s community and client base, something Koch believes is fundamental to his business.

“My ratings on customer service are really high, which is why I have a huge following from customers who have been here for ten years. They still follow me because of customer service and our location, and the cleanliness of the salon.”


Simply Sun Tanning is located at 500 Amsterdam Ave NE. For more information, including pricing and availability, call 404-874-9600 or visit

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