Otter Chaos Descends on the Atlanta Eagle

Looking for a hot night out with a bunch of men who love hairy men? You may want to check out Otter Chaos, a hot party for otters (if you’re not up to date on bear community lingo, an otter is basically a skinny, hairy gay man) and their admirers this Friday, March 14.

“I wanted to do something for the other furry creatures in Atlanta,” says Eagle bartender Tony Jackson, who’s organizing the event. “There’s so many bear-centric events, I feel that some people might feel left out. Plus, otters are hot!”

The evening includes a special guest for the evening: DJ At0m1c from Charlotte is coming to town to play the event, and according to Jackson, he sounds like he’ll fit right in: “DJ At0m1c was actually voted one of the hottest men at Atlanta Pride a few years back. He’s a blonde furry otter with a talent for dubstep and house.”

“I’ll be playing a bit of everything, mostly dubstep and complextro,” adds DJ At0m1c.  “This is an event and I plan to bring as much energy as I can. So come ready to rage, we are going hard from start to finish. Let’s blow some shit up!”

While the event formally starts at 10 p.m., the event includes an opening act that starts at 8:30 – local band Amen Sister plays an hour-long set before DJ At0m1c takes over. “Amen Sister is an up-and-coming band that started right here in Atlanta,” says Jackson. “Their sound is folk rock. We have done live music before and I think that the Eagle is a great venue for live bands.”

With a mix of new acts for Atlanta audiences, plus door prizes and giveaways throughout the evening, Jackson’s worked hard to make Otter Chaos a fun night for attendees. “I think along with the giveaways, plus some surprise guests, that it presents something that isn’t done around town on a regular basis and will be fun for the otherwise furry-oriented.”


Otter Chaos takes place Friday, March 14, beginning at 10 p.m. at the Atlanta Eagle. For more information, visit

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