Domino: Behind the Camera

From drag queen to adult film actress, Domino Presley’s career has been built in large part on her appearance. The sometimes-Atlanta resident’s physical transformation has won her a significant share of fans, particularly in the adult industry. But there’s more to Domino Presley than what’s shown on camera. I spoke with Domino recently about her identity as a trans woman, misconceptions she contends with, and more.

You identify as trans. When did you realize that your body didn’t necessarily represent your gender?

I was in third grade when I first told someone I thought I was supposed to be a girl. There’s a line that runs down your gooch and when I was a child I was convinced my parents wanted a boy so bad they sewed up my vagina and that was the scar. But I didn’t realize I could transition until I was 19 or 20.

Have you had to deal with misconceptions about yourself from others because you identify as trans?

Oh, all the time. People assume we all have STDs and are prostitutes. Not true. I’ve never had an STD. [Laughs]

You spent some time performing as a drag queen. How did you get your start in the drag scene?

I needed to pay rent and there was a competition at Hoedowns hosted by Charlie Brown. The winner got $500. I competed and won. I really enjoyed performing so I eventually turned it into a regular thing.

What led you to start your adult film career? What all does that career entail for you personally?

When I was little I saw a Playboy magazine under my parents bed and ever since then I wanted to be one of those girls. The kind of girl men jerk off to. But I’m way more interested in the modeling aspect of it. I’m not one hundred percent comfortable being naked and aroused in front of a group of men I’m not interested in. It’s not just fucking on film. There’s a lot of work that goes into it and a lot of it is extremely uncomfortable. They want you to be pretty with jizz in your eye.

Who would you say is your main audience in your adult film career?

Straight men. People are so focused on putting a label on everyone but people also forget that people are into some fucked up shit. Gay men don’t really watch my porn, why would they? I look like a girl, I just happen to have a penis.  Being transgendered is a completely different gender, so the people that are into us just don’t have a label yet (other than tranny chaser). And most guys don’t admit they’re into trans girls because they’re scared of what other people think. I’m a chick with a dick, not a dude with boobs.

What was the general response to your transition into the adult film industry?

Very few people were supportive. But the ones who did support my decision were greatly appreciated – EJ Aviance, Alissah Brooks, Destiny and Shawnna Brooks. People tend to look down on my job but then again they don’t pay my bills. My Atlanta friends started being more supportive the more popular I got.Shade.

You fairly recently moved to California, if I understand correctly. What led to the move? Will you still be spending time here in Atlanta?

Well, moved back. I lived there for three years, then came back for a year and half (sort of for a guy in Midtown, but that didn’t work out). I also have family here so I’ll be back every now and then. California is just where I’m meant to be. I work out there, my boyfriend lives there, you can make anything happen for yourself out there… And pot is legal!

What projects do you have coming up that you’d like to share with our readers?

I have new sets being released on every major trans adult site coming out within the next couple months. I’m getting ready to shoot for a few new DVDs: Tranny Astronauts in Outer Space which is being directed by legendary Buddy Wood and I will be playing the role of Queen Domino, Shemale from planet Shemalia.

I’m also in talks about a role in an actual movie. It’s an urban comedy and that’s all I can say.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes! Follow me on Twitter, @DominoPresley.

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