Which Bars Are Going Smoke-Free? Your Guide to Atlanta’s Newest Bar Trend


For Atlantans who prefer their nights out without the pungent scent of cigarette smoke the morning after, the past few months have created a much wider range of bar options.

Every week, it seems like another bar is announcing that they’ve restricted smoking. The reasons tend to boil down to two common concerns. On the one hand, prohibiting or limiting smoking will, bar owners hope, bring back in customers who choose not to frequent establishments that allow smokers all over.

On the other hand, setting smoking requirements bar-by-bar allows each establishment to create their own sets of rules. Atlanta is rare among major American cities in that it doesn’t prohibit smoking in bars. Bar owners have voiced varying opinions on whether or not Atlanta should pass ordinances restricting smoking, but the ever-growing list of venues listed below show that more of them than ever are in favor of limiting smoking.

Before you head out, though, you should not only know which establishments are restricting smoking, but the specifics of each bar’s smoking policy as well.

Atlanta Eagle

Officially smoke-free inside since late April. Smoking is limited to the patio area of the bar. The top portion of the patio, which is currently uncovered, will be covered soon to accommodate smokers in the event of rain.


Smoking-limited since April. The downstairs portion of the bar is smoke-free. The upstairs and patio areas still allow smoking.


After weeks of trial runs, Burkhart’s is officially smoke-free inside as of May 21. Smoking is limited to the back patio area outside of the bar.


Smoke-free since opening in 2011. Founder Michael Winfield previously worked at Red Chair, Atlanta’s first smoke-free LGBT bar, back in 2003.


Smoking-limited since March. The bar’s pub area still allows for smoking, but smoking is prohibited anywhere else indoors.


Smoking-limited since 2012. The club’s remodel relegated smokers to one wall inside, where a ventilation system sucks up the smoke. Other areas, including the dance floor, don’t allow for smoking.


Smoking-restricted on specific nights since April. More specifically, smoking is not allowed indoors on Fridays and Saturdays. Smokers can smoke on the deck or in the parking lot on those nights. Smoking is allowed indoors during the week.


Currently the gay bar with the longest no-smoking policy in Atlanta, Mixx has been smoke-free since opening in 2009.

My Sister’s Room

Smoking-restricted on specific nights since March. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights see smoking limited to the patio deck and Twilight Lounge / pool room. The dance floor, stage, and main bar are all smoke-free every night of the week.

Ten Atlanta

The restaurant by day/bar by night has been smoke-free since opening in January.

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