Jungle Club Atlanta Plans for Massive Renovations in Busy Month

Jungle Club Atlanta is one of the biggest gay clubs in Atlanta, and with a recently announced set of renovations, the club is slated to be even bigger. Over a six-week period littered with events, the club will make significant changes in its structure.

“We’re going to be tearing out a lot of the non-public spaces in the front, and turning those into public spaces,” says owner Richard Cherskov. “We’ll be changing the entryway of the club, so you’ll be entering from a different door. We’re going to create a different room in the front with its own bar and stage, so that we can have a separate experience that’s going on other than the big dancehall in the back.”

The construction period falls during a busy time for the club. August’s event lineup includes a number of high-profile DJs, starting with Tracy Young on August 4.

“Last year was one of our busiest nights of the year [when Young last appeared]. She always brings a really good party when she comes to spin. We’re really excited to have her back,” says Cherskov.

Later appearances in the month include the return of DJ Manny Lehman on August 18, as well as DJ Power Infiniti and Debby Holiday at the after-party for Rainbow Days at Six Flags on August 25.

With several major events occurring during the construction period, event attendees will be able to see the club’s transformation. Cherskov is hopeful that construction won’t impact the events too significantly. “It’s business as usual for us, but in the middle of that, we’re going to be ripping out walls, building new bars, and changing everything up.

“It’s definitely going to have an impact. We’re going to try to minimize it, obviously, but I also think it’s part of the fun of going through the changes over the next six weeks of people coming in and seeing something a little bit different until the remodel’s done.”

Even as the club gets ready for what will undoubtedly be a tumultuous period, though, Cherskov is eager for the change.

“We’re very excited. They’ve been a long time coming. I would say that Atlanta’s ready to see some positive changes in the nightlife scene, and they’re ready for a new space, and they’re ready for the new parties and the new things that we’re going to bring to the scene.”

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