Crazy Bitch Bingo Goes for Green (Cards)

Atlanta diners looking for some entertainment with their meals have received that with Crazy Bitch Bingo, the gay Atlanta mainstay that combines the traditional bingo game with pop culture and catty commentary. On August 9, Crazy Bitch Bingo will be teaming up with Las Margaritas to produce a special version of the event: Crazy Bitch Bingo – Green Cards and Giveaways.

This particular version of Crazy Bitch Bingo serves as a benefit, with all of the evening’s proceeds going to AID Atlanta. With the evening’s game play, owner Bryen Christopher is planning special additions to the normal game structure. “We’re going to have a couple of new challenges in there that we haven’t done before. We should be rolling out about six new Kinky Karaoke songs, which will give us about 30 songs. It’s funny, everybody always picks the same songs, but there are actually 30 songs available. I don’t know why.”

Special door prizes for the night come from a number of gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses in Atlanta, including a party package from Las Margaritas, gift cards, and bar tabs.

As for the event’s name, Christopher credits it to the nature of the game, as well as the event’s location. “It has to be offensive. We have to pick a name that’s kinda goofy.”

Crazy Bitch Bingo has been a gay Atlanta mainstay since it launched in 2007. Currently, the game operates at Joe’s on Juniper Wednesday nights and Las Margaritas Thursday nights. Christopher is also looking to expand the game’s reach.

“I’ve done the game for weddings, I’ve done the game for several Fortune 100 companies, and I’ve done it in several states. We’re actually looking at a franchise deal right now to where the game will go into Cincinatti. We’re also looking at Florida and California.”

Christopher credits his own background in corporate America as the catalyst to create the game: “I really just wanted to do something where people who work all day long and all week long can just come and let loose and have fun. Something that every age group can play.

“Each week, we try to push buttons. I’m always getting in trouble, and there’s always somebody pissed off at me, but the goal is fun. It’s all joking and humor. We want everyone to forget about their jobs and stresses, and life, and just come and have a good time.”

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