A Sneak Peek @ Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con is just around the corner. The annual convention is the largest of its kind in the Southeast, and routinely brings in a ton of events and celebrities – along with more costumes than Halloween. With less than two months to go before Dragon*Con 2012 hits Atlanta, here’s a preview of what you can expect this Labor Day Weekend (August 31-September 3).

Major Guests!

Each year, Dragon*Con brings in a number of impressive celebrities, and this year is certainly no exception. To date, they’ve already booked cast members from a number of popular past and current television series and films.

Fans of the very gay-friendly True Blood will love the guests from the series who will be in attendance this year: Joe Manganiello (Alcide), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Sam Trammell (Sam) and Carrie Preston (Arlene).

There’s a chance Atlanta fans of a different vampire-themed show will recognize some of this program’s guests.The Vampire Diaries cast members, including gay favorite Kat Graham, will make appearances at Dragon*Con this year.

Enthusiastic Doctor Who fans will love the show’s representative this year: John Barrowman, the openly gay cast member who currently stars in the spinoff Torchwood.

There are also a number of draws for fans of classic sci-fi and fantasy. Cast members from several of the Star Trek series will be present, including original Star Trek cast member Nichelle Nichols and LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Fans of the classic Batman series from the 60s will get a kick out of two of the newest announced guests: Adam West and Burt Ward, the Batman and Robin of that cult classic.

Fantastic Events!

Dragon*Con has a ton of events going on this year. The biggest is the Annual Dragon*Con Parade. There’s also Dragon*Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue, where performers will don their most chic geek ensembles.

Meanwhile, Hickman’s Killer Breakfast is just that – killer. It’s breakfast as part of a role-playing game. The event occurs Saturday morning.

That night, the Dragon*Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium returns. Guests will get to see a mixture of the Aquarium and attendees dressed in costumes. Place bets on how many people come dressed as Aquaman.

There’s also the Apocalypto Disco going on Saturday night, where guests will get celebrate the impending apocalypse with the genre that spells the end of the world…disco.

Spectacular Costumes!

One of the biggest draws for Atlantans to come to Dragon*Con is to see the sheer number of costumes people create for the weekend. Some people work on the best, most elaborate costumes all year long. If you haven’t planned out a costume yet, though, no need to fret – you still have plenty of time.

Superheroes are a popular go-to idea, and the biggest ones tend to be the ones with films that have just been released. This year, though, is big even by those standards. Groups can consider the Avengers, while individuals can shoot for Spider-Man or Batman.

Want something more distinctive? Look to cartoons for inspiration. Anime characters like Sailor Moon or Disney cartoons are good places to start.

There are also your standard sci-fi sources of inspiration, including Star Trek and Star Wars. If you want to try something a little different in the sci-fi realm, go with something from Doctor Who instead.

For the latest updates on Dragon*Con, visit their official website.

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