Catching Up With Dragnique Runner-Up Evah Destruction

With the recent conclusion of Dragnique’s third season, winner Edie Cheezburger is certainly garnering a lot of attention, and deservedly so. Equally deserving of attention, though, is this season’s runner-up, Evah Destruction. Evah’s growth as a contestant throughout the season was remarkable, growing from above-average performances in the early weeks to flat-out, show-stopping numbers in the final weeks of the competition. In a shocker, while Edie Cheezburger was the ultimate winner of Dragnique: Season 3, Evah came within five votes of beating Edie in the final round.

I caught up with Evah after the season’s end to find out more about Evah’s start in drag, her time in Dragnique this season, and more.

How did you get your start in drag?

About a year ago, after seeing the finale of Dragnique: Season 1, I decided this is what I want to do. So my friend and I saw this amateur talent contest going on one night, and I got a simple Gaga look together and performed “Bad Romance.” The crowd was really responsive, and at that moment I said to myself, “Let’s see how this goes”.

Who are your performing inspirations?

Of course my first choice will have to be Lady Gaga herself, as cliché as it is! But she really helped shape who I am as an entertainer with her theatricality, and her stage presence helped me tie in my theater background with my numbers. The only other person I can really say who inspires me—totally name dropping—is Atlanta’s Jasmine Antoinette. She completely showed me another side of drag that it’s so captivating you can’t look away! She also adds this element of theater to her numbers like no one I’ve ever seen in Atlanta, and she always “mixes” it up so you never know what to expect and I love that!

Who has helped you in your drag career? Specifically in the Dragnique competition?

Well I would definitely have to say the victor herself, Edie Cheezburger! She brought it since week 1 of the competition, and she really taught and encouraged me to push myself and go beyond what I’m normally used to. With that in mind she definitely helped me think more about which creative direction should I be taking Evah, if that makes sense.

What led you to join this season of Dragnique?

My friends definitely helped convince me to go for it, but I definitely wanted to participate in something exciting, challenging, plus something that gave back to the community. So I was all for that!

Which of your performances was your favorite, and why?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one…. I will have to go with my finale number, because I really enjoy ashock factor. Plus even if I wouldn’t have won the competition I wanted people to remember me, and I think I achieved that goal!

What was the most challenging week, and why?

The Seven Deadly Sins challenge really had me stumped! Some people would think differently I’m sure, but I think my problem for that challenge was I was thinking too literal? So in the end I admit I gave in and relied on my number to relay the message of the sin I was portraying (envy).

If you could redo any moment from the competition, what would it be? Why?

Once again the Seven Deadly Sins challenge mainly because I knew inside that I could’ve taken it a better, more creative direction especially with such a theme like that.

Is there a song/performance/idea that you planned to do during the competition that you never had the chance to do, or that you started to do and had to rethink?

I was planning with a couple of friends to do a Ke$ha number, more specifically her song “Blow.” I would go on more about it but I’m still actually preparing for it one day!

Who are your favorite contestants from the competition? Are there any contestants you didn’t care for, whether for their performances or backstage behavior?

I absolutely loved all the contestants I had such a blast with everyone! Although for some I would have some advice for a couple—no names, sorry—that when given critique in competitions like these just listen, no need for retaliation. Take everything with a grain of salt, learn from mistakes, and move on.

Do you think you had a disadvantage in performing because you’re under 21, and the Jungle’s now a 21+ bar?

Of course I thought so! It certainly made things a challenge especially when it came down to voting, but I always gave it my all regardless if people were going to vote for me or not.

Who was your favorite judge from the competition? Least favorite judge?

I enjoyed Phoenix and a good majority of the judges that were on the panel. I won’t mention names, but a couple of times I questioned the choice of a couple of judges, and how they related to what we the contestants were doing in any way if that makes sense.

Do you think future seasons of Dragnique should feature new judges?

I think Phoenix is a suitable staple on the judges panel because she knows what she’s talking about. But of course! I say mix it up!

What do you think about having more people who aren’t drag queens serving as judges? (People who do makeup or perform, just not as drag queens, for example)

Well as much as that idea would make sense, in my opinion the judges’ panel should only consist of people who do what the contestants do. Judging would then be consistent and fair.

What advice would you give to future Dragnique contestants?

Bring your friends! Bring everyone you know that can go. It definitely helps with an audience-voted competition. My other word of advice is to have fun, and do you. Make art, and showcase everything you’ve got! It’ll make the experience a whole lot better trust me!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters in the community?

I want to say thank you all so much for everything, especially those who came out to support me!

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