Atlanta Bucks Dress and Run for Charity

When someone mentions rugby players, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? More than likely, it’s a mental image of rough, tough, manly men.

That image is what makes the Atlanta Bucks’ annual Purple Dress Run so intriguing – it flips the standard concept of a rugby player on its proverbial head. Throw in running and alcohol, and it turns into an enjoyable time for everyone involved.

The Atlanta Bucks are hosting the Purple Dress Run 2012 at 12 p.m. on April 21, 2012. If the title didn’t give it away, the event is a run…in purple dresses. Contestants will start at Mixx and make their way through stops at The Nook, Joe’s on Juniper, Blake’s and the Fifth Ivory before ending at the Atlanta Eagle. The end of the race at the Eagle leads into a party for runners and spectators alike.

Registration for the event costs $40 for registration on the day of the run, and includes two drinks at each stop along the race line as well as admission into the after-party at the Eagle. Spectators can enter the after-party for $20.

The event, now in its sixth year, benefits both the team and a charity. This year, the charitable organization of choice is the Lost and Found Project, an organization that helps LGBT homeless youth.  Funds raised will also help the Bucks send a team to the Bingham Cup tournament this summer in Manchester.

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