Dragnique: The Final Finale Recap

Phew…what a night.

After five weeks and dozens of performances, Dragnique crowned a winner for its’ third season. To get there, of course, you’ll have to wait until the end of this recap (or, you know, just jump to the bottom).

The Dragnique Final Finale, as it was billed, once again featured emcees Bubba D. Licious and Phoenix. This week’s special guest judges were Sofonda Cox from the Armorettes and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Alisa Summers.

This week, each contestant performed two numbers. The first round consisted of duets, based on selections from last week. The second round featured each contestant performing any number of their choosing. Without any further adieu, let’s get onto the performance recap…

Aroara Thunder and Edie Cheezburger
“Let Me Be Your Star” (Smash Cast)

Kicking things off were the two more…comedic of our four finalists. Edie and Aroara took the show-stopping ballad from the Smash pilot and turned it into a game of one-upmanship. The two started off by holding up insulting signs while their partner performed, then went into a fight to make it to the front of the stage. The gags worked. Edie and Aroara had a great combined chemistry and were able to bring their particular skills to the number. It was a great way to start off the final week of competition.

Evah Destruction and Violet Chachki
“I Am the Body Beautiful” (Salt n Pepa)

Evah and Violet went in a different direction with their number, which played up the staged choreography that’s highlighted their previous performances. The choreography was pretty tight, and the lip-syncing was largely on-point. While it wasn’t among either contestants’ best performances, it was certainly a serviceable number.

Aroara Thunder
“Beautiful, Rich & Horny” (Mellee Fresh & Dirty 30)

And now, we enter the final numbers from the contestants. Aroara started off with an outrageous number that played to her skills. Aroara had what may have been the best look from her run in the program, and her backup dancers exuded an undeniable amount of sex. If I had one complaint, it’s that it felt like Aroara leaned on her dancers a little too much. During the second half of the performance in particular, it was more tempting to watch the dancers go through the audience than watch Aroara. That’s fine during a normal performance, but in competition, that’s a problem.

Evah Destruction
“Crazy” (Alice Russell) / “Maniac” (Girlicious)

I won’t mince words: Evah fucking slayed with this number. Over the past few weeks, Evah has shown remarkable growth, and this was the absolute best time for her to peak. The sheer energy from her performance was palpable. This very well may be my favorite performance of the season.

Violet Chachki
“Beautiful” (Christina Aguilera) / “Alive” (Goldfrapp)

If there was an off performance tonight, this was it, and it didn’t help that Violet performed immediately after Evah’s impeccable number. The performance was one that would’ve been fine early in the competition. In the finale, though, it failed to stand out.

Edie Cheezburger
“Acapella” (Kelis) / “Dark Beat” (Oscar G & Ralph Falcon)

The night’s biggest production came from Edie. With seven dancers and blackout lights, Edie’s number was intense. As always, Edie was good, but I don’t think that this was her best performance. In fact, looking back over five weeks, the performance that still sticks out in my head is her Week 2 performance, when she performed as Helen Keller to Dev’s “In the Dark.” The difference between that and the rest of her performances? That’s the only one where she performed completely alone. Even last week’s Whitney performance had a little bit of on-stage assistance. I think Edie’s great, but she’s at her best when it’s just her.

After a break and some guest performances, the contestants were brought out for the final round of titles. For the fifth week in a row, Edie won the honor for most money raised. Out of $582 raised for the Armorettes, $410 was raised by Edie.

As far as the winner and the runner-up were concerned, a mere five votes separated the two. Taking the runner-up position was Evah Destruction. As for the winner…well, it’s no surprise. Edie Cheezburger was announced as the winner of Dragnique: Season 3.

In my humble opinion, I think the choices were correct. Edie dominated this competition and gave some of the best performances of the season, and certainly deserved to win. I have to give credit to Evah, though. In the five weeks of the competition, Evah noticeably improved week-to-week, giving some of the best performances of the last two weeks in particular.

Well, that wraps up my recaps for Dragnique: Season 3. That’s not the end of David Magazine’s coverage of Dragnique, though. Keep an eye out in upcoming weeks for my exclusive interviews with Edie Cheezburger and Evah Destruction. If you have any questions you’d like to see me ask either contestants, leave a comment below.

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