Dragnique: Week 3 Recap (Sinfully Delicious)

Feeling sinful? If you were at last night’s round of Dragnique: Season 3, you might be feeling some of the sinfully delicious performances from the Seven Deadly Sins night.

This week, each of the six remaining contestants took on one of the seven deadly sins. Yes, those numbers are right. One sin, Pride, was not represented in last night’s show. Perhaps the theme should’ve run a week earlier?

Ah well. The six sins that did come out through Wednesday’s competition more than made up for the lack of sin #7.

Overseeing the night’s proceedings, as always, were the hilarious emceeing duo of Bubba D. Licious (in rare form tonight) and Phoenix. Phoenix was joined on the judging panel this week by fabulous drag diva Savannah Leigh and MISTER representative (and former Mr. Atlanta Eagle…grrr) Chandler Bearden.

Of course, the reason you’re reading this is to see how the contestants performed. What did the contestants do with their sins? And how many did I accurately predict? Let’s find out!

Miami Royale – Greed

“Money” (The Flying Lizards) / “Money Success Fame Glamour” (Felix da Housecat) / “Paper Planes” (M.I.A.) / “Muny” (Nicki Minaj)

Opening tonight’s competition was Miami Royale, and I have to give Miami credit: the girl knows how to work the stage. Even when her wig goes flying off her head. Which it did, in rather spectacular fashion. Miami snatched her wig and found a place to put it, all while keeping up with her exceptionally choreographed performance. Miami is someone to watch in this competition.

Elea Atlanta – Wrath

“Breakin’ Dishes” (Rihanna)

Accurate prediction #1. Last week, I was harsh with Elea. This week…well, let’s start with some positives. Elea has a good body for drag. She also pulled off a darker look well, even though she also looked like she was straight out of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. It also didn’t fit the song, which was predictable. Like, I predicted Elea would perform this song within half an hour of the theme’s announcement last week. Combined with an unfortunately butchered opening and off timing, Elea’s performance was, plainly put, a train wreck.

Edie Cheezburger – Gluttony

“I Fink U Freeky” (Die Antwoord)

I’m going to go ahead and say it now. Between her performances and the audience reaction each week, Edie’s winning Dragnique: Season 3. She deserves it. Instead of going with a literal take on gluttony, Edie went with a more…abstract take on the song. Complete with guys with pig masks and a guest performer. As for the outfit, I have to give Edie credit for going with full-body glitter.  The only downside for me, personally, was that it didn’t top her take on Helen Keller last week. That’s going to be a tough performance to top.

Evah Destruction – Jealousy

“Girlfriend” (Avril Lavigne)

Accurate prediction #2. Evah was solid this week. Serviceable, even. I just didn’t find myself engaged with Evah this week. It’s been fine in previous weeks, but with the competition thinning out, this is the point where everyone needs to start standing out, and I don’t think Evah’s doing that. I didn’t buy “jealousy” from her performance. It would’ve been fine in a standard performance, but not in competition, especially not with a theme like this week.

Aroara Thunder – Sloth

“I’m Tired” (from the film Blazing Saddles)

Oh…Aroara. Such a hot mess. I love Aroara’s performances because there’s no way to describe them. More than any of the other performances this week, Aroara’s is one that needs to be seen. Her audience engagement alone is utterly ridiculous. She went so far as to lay down on audience members this week. She sold sloth.

Violet Chachki – Lust

“Justify My Love” (Madonna) / “Dirty Laundry” (Bitter:Sweet)

Violet gives off a pinup doll quality already, so getting lust as her sin worked to her advantage. She sold the lustiness of her song choices, and even brought it into her post-performance critique by hitting on Chandler Bearden. As the judges pointed out, though, Violet sometimes seems like she’s caught up in her head when she performs. Violet’s good, but she needs to improve on this if she wants to stand out in coming weeks.

As was the case over the past few weeks, one queen was selected as the evening’s winner, with another queen getting kicked out of the competition. Of the six contestants, Evah and Aroara were automatically declared safe, leaving Edie, Miami, Elea and Violet on stage. For the third week in a row, Edie Cheezburger was declared winner of the evening’s show. Out of $352 raised through tips during the performances, Edie raised $168 on her own. Again, it’s a safe bet to call Edie the winner for the season.

Of the three remaining contestants, Elea Atlanta was declared this week’s loser. It’s unfortunate when a contestant has to leave, but it was the best choice.

Before I get on to next week’s theme, I’d like to offer an assessment of the remaining contestants. With two more weeks to go in this competition, one or two contestants will be leaving next week. Based on the season’s run to date, my guess is that Edie Cheezburger, Aroara Thunder, and Miami Royale will appear in the finale. If there’s a fourth contestant in the finale, I give the slight edge to Violet Chachki. Everybody needs to bring their A-game next week, though.

Speaking of next week, there’s another theme involved. Each contestant will have to pull off a celebrity impersonation. I’m already picturing a mix of pop divas and gay camp icons. Come back next week to see what happens in Dragnique: Season 3!

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