Dragnique: Week 2 Recap (Past & Present)

Good morning, David readers! I’m here for another week’s recap of Dragnique: Season 3, for those of you who missed Wednesday night’s shenanigans. And goodness, there were some shenanigans last night.

Before we get into the competition, though, let’s talk briefly about last night’s judges. Joining head judge/co-emcee Phoenix on the panel this week were special guests Alexandria Martin and Angelica D’Paige. Alexandria performed at the beginning of the show, while Angelica performed after the contestants. Both gave stellar performances that proved their authority on critiquing the contestants. Also giving a performance this week was co-emcee Bubba D. Licious, who opened up the show.

As for those contestants…well, they had their work cut out for them this week. The theme for last night’s competition was Past & Present. Basically, performers had to dress in a style worn before 1930, while performing to music made after 1980. How did they do? How many took on Marie Antoinette? Let’s find out…

Edie Cheezburger
“The Sign” (Ace of Base) / “In the Dark” (Dev)

Edie, who won last week’s competition, kicked off the competitive portion of the show. And…damn. She set the bar for the night. Opening with audio from The Miracle Worker, Edie performed as Helen Keller. Yes, you read that right. The idea alone is so politically incorrect, but Edie nailed it. The rest of the contestants better step up their game if they don’t want Edie to walk away with this year’s Dragnique title.

Violet Chachki
“Heads Will Roll” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Violet followed Edie with a take on Anne Boleyn set to a Gregorian chant (I’m guessing?) before launching into the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll.” How…appropriate. The performance was long, with a slow beginning and an end that felt like it’d never actually come. The judges took note of several problems with Violet’s performance as well. And…well, Violet started one of the night’s best judging moments when she responded to Phoenix and Alexandria’s critiques by saying “I’d like compliments, not just critiques.” Cue the first comment from Angelica: she could see balls. Seriously, contestants: don’t piss off the judges. You’re asking for trouble.

Prima Alexandra
“Think Like a Man” (Jennifer Hudson) / “P Is for Power” (Electrik Red)

I really let Prima have it last week, so I didn’t have high hopes this week. Prima performed…just a tad better than last week. Her dancing was okay, but her makeup and lipsyncing were off, and the judges pointed both out. Also a problem: Prima’s initial dress, which Phoenix called out as a Halloween costume (and which Prima happily acknowledged was a Halloween costume, before realizing it wasn’t a positive). I will give credit to Prima, though: she responded far better to this week’s critiques.

Miami Royale
“Get Outta My Way” (Kylie Minogue) / “Cover Girl” (RuPaul)

Now this was an improvement. Miami showed off the dancing skills that make her the best flat-out dancer in this competition with improved energy and a killer dress that she described as a blend of “Marie Antoinette and a quinceañera.” Alexandria gave her most positive comment of the night at that point with a simple sentence: “I live for you.” If Miami keeps it up, she could prove to be a real challenger for Edie.

Evah Destruction
“Vogue” (Madonna) / “Freakum Dress” (Beyoncé) / “Labels or Love” (Fergie) / “Fashionista” (Jimmy James)

One thing I forgot to include in my recap last week was my prediction that someone would perform “Vogue” while dressed as Marie Antoinette. Thank you, Evah, for proving me right. Evah saved her performance from being completely predictable by including three other songs in her routine, at least. Evah did show some remarkable lipsyncing skills and facial expressions in her performance. It hurt, though, that her Marie Antoinette followed Miami’s far superior take.

Elea Atlanta
“Hair” (Lady Gaga) / “Whip My Hair” (Willow)

So…Elea. Let’s talk. If you’re going to wear a nude bodysuit, make sure it’s tight on your body so it’s not so painfully obvious that you’re wearing one. Loosen up a little, too. And if you’re going to perform “Whip My Hair,” whip your hair. Even if it is four feet long, whip it. Finally…when you have to explain who you are (Lady Godiva, for the record), it’s not a good sign that your costume’s all that effective.

Aroara Thunder
“Raise Your Glass” (P!nk)

And finally, we have our bearded, hairy-chested drag queen. I’m not knocking it. Aroara is a breath of fresh air after several far more effeminate drag queens. As our third Marie Antoinette take of the night, Aroara gets bonus points for bringing out cake…along with a couple of hot guys. I can’t really describe in words what Aroara’s like in person – more than any of the other contestants, you have to actually see Aroara in person to get her. But she kicked ass.

Following the performances, one queen was selected the winner of the night, with another queen getting voted off. To build anticipation, four contestants were brought to the front of the stage: Edie Cheezburger, Prima Alexandra, Elea Atlanta, and Aroara Thunder. The winner of the show was…last week’s winner, Edie Cheezburger. The emcees pointed out that Edie won both through popular vote and through donations, where she raised half of all the money collected during performances. There was, of course, a loser as well. This week’s loser was…Prima Alexandra.

Following Prima’s elimination, the remaining contestants were informed of next week’s theme: the seven deadly sins. Each contestant also selected their sin, and told the audience what to expect. Here’s what you’ll see next week:

  • Edie: Gluttony
  • Miami: Greed
  • Evah: Envy
  • Elea: Wrath
  • Aroara: Sloth
  • Violet: Lust

Maybe the seven deadly sins should’ve been the theme this week, so we’d see pride performed as well (presumably by Prima)? Who knows. But since we have themes for each contestant, I’m already thinking about what each person might perform. I wonder how many will prove predictable.

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