Review: ‘Acoustic Live!’ by Adam Lambert


After a year of promoting his de­but album, For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert ekes out the last bit of promotion for the album with Acous­tic Live!, an EP of songs from his de­but taken from in-studio live concert performances. While limited to five songs, the EP does a nice job of balancing the glossy pop production of For Your Entertainment.

“Whataya Want from Me,” which became Adam’s first Top 10 single earlier this year, kicks off the EP. In its acoustic form, Adam’s voice is allowed to breathe more than in the Max Martin-produced original track, which allows for some inter­esting vocal flourishes. Similarly, the acoustic arrangement of “Music Again” strips out the glam-rock in­fluences of the original, bringing the focus squarely on Adam’s vocals.

The rest of the tracks are taken from the acoustic portion of Adam’s Glam Nation Tour from this past year. “Aftermath” loses its sound as a schlocky American Idol winner’s song and takes on a stronger inspi­rational vibe. Meanwhile, “Soaked” pales slightly here when compared to the studio version. “Mad World,” the only song taken from Adam’s Ameri­can Idol run, caps off the EP in an arrangement that successfully adds some tempo and a definite beat to the song’s arrangement.

Acoustic Live! manages to suc­cessfully reinvent some of Adam’s more popular songs. The only co­mplaint is the length — the EP is done almost as soon as it begins.

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