Fall TV Preview

Note: the following entries were part of a larger series, available in full here.

Mondays at 8 p.m., on NBC

Regular guy-turned-secret agent Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) returns on Mondays this fall with the fourth season of Chuck. The third season concluded with the revelation to those closest to him of his double life. This season, Chuck will have to work harder to keep his spy life and personal life separated, a challenge made harder by his burgeoning relationship with superspy Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), as well as the arrival of best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) into the spy world. Additionally, Chuck will begin the search for his long-lost mother, who will be played by Linda Hamilton of Terminator and T2: Judgment Day fame.

Boardwalk Empire
Sundays at 9 p.m., on HBO

For its newest original drama, HBO revisits the days of Prohibition with Boardwalk Empire. The series stars Steve Buscemi as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a politician and mob boss with plans to use Prohibition to make himself rich. Nucky’s former protégé Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), meanwhile, is just returning from World War I with his own set of plans for his future. The series comes from Terence Winter, who won an Emmy for his work on The Sopranos, with Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese serving as an executive producer and director.

Grey’s Anatomy
Thursdays at 9 p.m., on ABC

Following last season’s shocking finale, the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy finds the doctors of Seattle Grace in recovery mode. While Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is living life to the fullest following his brush with death, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is still waiting to tell him about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Meanwhile, Cristina (Sandra Oh) is finding herself in a reenergized relationship with Owen (Kevin McKidd), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are exploring the idea of living together, and Alex (Justin Chambers) is attempting to move past his abandonment by Izzie (former cast member Katherine Heigl).

Wednesdays at 8 p.m., on NBC

J.J. Abrams, the creator of Lost, Aliasand Fringe, brings his latest effort to NBC this fall with Undercovers, a sleek, sexy, action-packed espionage series. Married couple Steven and Samantha Bloom (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) operate a catering company in Los Angeles, though they were at one point top CIA spies who left the agency after falling in love five years prior to the series’ beginning. When a fellow spy goes missing, though, they’re brought back into the CIA to help in the rescue mission, which leads to the realization that they both miss their former line of work.

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