South Park continues streak of crass, brilliant humor

As South Park enters its 14th season, Comedy Central has released South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season on DVD. This set features all 14 episodes on three DVDs or two Blu-Ray discs.

Even after fourteen years, South Park continues to find new ways to satirize (or offend, depending on your take) anyone and everything. Because of its tight production schedule, where episodes are created as soon as a week before they air, some of the season’s episodes have a particularly timely feel. One example is the Emmy-winning episode “Margaritaville,” which serves as a commentary on the global recession.

Other highlights of this season include “The Ring,” a brilliant analysis of the impact of groups like the Jonas Brothers on young girls, “Fishsticks,” which pokes fun at the often self-important image of Kanye West. and “The F Word,” which discusses the power of language and meaning through one particularly offensive word – specifically, it’s the “F” word of the three-letter, not four-letter, variety.

One caveat, though – for viewers who are offended by the series as it airs on Comedy Central, this set comes in an uncensored format. Otherwise, this set is highly recommended for fans of the series and for fans of bawdy satire in general.

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